North 4th Development

The Village of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque has a contract with an engineering firm to develop several road design concepts or options for 4th Street. The parameters that they have been given are “that we have approximately 60′ or right of way, we want to see improvements in safety (crosswalks and pedestrian walkways), improvements in lighting and if possible on street parking. Additional amenities would include landscape and general beautification.”

This page is being used to show how a series of 5 to 6 roundabouts in the area from Osuna to Ranchitos could be used to fulfill all requirements and improve traffic flow at the same time.

We at The Village Shops of Los Ranchos feel that roundabouts are a very good solution to the problem, and through these videos from actual US cities that have put them in explain how public opinion as to the before and after have been almost 99% in support of the roundabouts.

Please check the videos out and if you have any comments send them to me, Keith Baird at

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Roundabouts in Missoula, Montana

Roundabouts in La Jolla, California